Intrinsic Networks, Zero-Trust, and Coffee

Intrinsic Networks

In the book, How Emotions Are Made, the author mentions Intrinsic Networks ( In my recent neuroscience studies, I've learned about Brian Networks, including the Default Network. It seems to be the same thing so far.

What's fascinating is the how these networks work... they are not an on/off kind of model but more of a fluid collection of tributaries, streams, rivers and lakes! Even the data being processed is phenomenal. The author mentions how one retina “transmits as much visual data a fully loaded computer network connection in every waking moment.” Wow!


The topic of zero-trust came up again today, in a good way. What does it means to teach people about Zero Trust? Well, it means doing away with the mindset “internal is safe”. It means giving fine grained access to only resources that are needed. It means strong authentication at every juncture.

A new vendor was mentioned to me ( so going to take a look. I had a blog post ( with references, so I need to update that.